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Special automotive tools STAHLWILLE

STAHLWILLE special automotive tools 

Together with leading automotive manufacturers, STAHLWILLE develops special-purpose

tools and brand-specific sets of tools. This continuous development and enhancement

process covering tools for production and workshops ensures that the tools we make keep

pace with the latest developments in the industry.

Tidy tool management: STAHLWILLE tool sets for car repairs 

Carefully selected suites of tools for Tool Trolleys and Tool Boxes ensure optimised

workflows. Whether it is in the garage, in production or in the pits, many

mechanics welcome the benefits afforded by model and marque specific tools to

guarantee safe, timesaving work.

Problem solver: STAHLWILLE special-purpose car pliers

Often enough, corroded or jammed parts in hard-to-reach places slow down repair

and servicing jobs in the engine space. With diesels, this includes the heater plug

sockets. STAHLWILLE heater plug socket pliers make it that much easier to remove

and refit these plug sockets, especially when the engine is still hot.

Better safe than sorry: STAHLWILLE sockets

It would be hard to imagine garage and production environments without

compressed air tools. Hardly surprising, then, that STAHLWILLE offer such a wide

range of tried-and-tested, job-specific sockets, e. g. the wheel-nut socket with the

closely-fitting plastic sleeve. This prevents damage to wheel bolts, wheel nuts and

the bolt holes especially on alloy wheels.

The specialists: STAHLWILLE KABELEX®

Efficiency and economy in the workplace – at a time when it pays to be competitive,

removing cables on vehicles safely and quickly gives you that advantage. This is

why STAHLWILLE offers over 40 different cable removing tools for cars. They are

available individually, in carefully selected sets or as special sets for specific vehicles.

The fine but highly resistant blades are made of chrome vanadium and special spring


Unbreakable: Special tools for car glass

The professionals really appreciate STAHLWILLE products for quickly and

accurately removing and fitting car glass. Twin suction lifters and a threecomponent

glass removal set ensure that windscreens and other car glass are

easily and safely removed, fitted and transported.

A question of torque: Friction gauger

Setting steering systems accurately is a critical job – and adhering to torque

settings and coefficients of friction is a crucial part of it. This is what STAHLWILLE

created the easily-operated Friction gauge No 73Nm/15 with a range of 2–15 N·m.

Thick or thin: Measuring the thickness of brake discs

Checking the state of the brake discs is a valuable contribution to safety on the

roads. STAHLWILLE offers a vernier calliper which enables the garage to easily

check the discs in situ and compare the dimensions with the manufacturer's