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Product Code: 96 52 10 93

Motorised calibrating and adjusting tool from 1 to 400 N·m 7794-2

Price ex VAT / inc. VAT
33 750,00 € ex VAT | 40 500,00 € inc. VAT

Product availability: on request

Tags: calibrating and adjusting tool stahlwille

The electronic perfectControl calibrating unit with its electric drive considerably reduces the amount of effort and time required for calibration and adjustment tasks on torque wrenches. 

  • measurement possible without moving the point of application of force.
  • prevents faulty readings thanks to precision-mounted spindle and finely regulated motor.
  • extremely accurate calibration thanks to optimised bearings and square drives for the transducers.
  • rapid, easy change of transducers thanks to quick-release latching system.
  • convenient pushbutton controls for clockwise and anticlockwise measurements with automatic speed compensation.
  • saves time because the bridge support is locked in place using a single-handed eccentric lever.
  • transmission of readings to a PC via USB interface for further processing, analysis and archiving.
  • calibration certificates can be printed or saved as a PDF file after calibration.
  • as found / as left calibrations can be documented.
  • during calibration, DIN EN ISO 6789:2003 in numerous languages is supported. Additional standards and works standards are available on request.
  • can be upgraded to perfectControl calibrating unit No 7794-3 for angle-controlled wrenches.
  • calibration up to 1000 N·m is possible using the easily attached extension unit No 7791-1
  • design patent, other patents applied for

Both clicking and indicating torque wrenches can be calibrated. Calibration of transducers is possible using reference torque wrenches No 7770-100 and 7770-1000, available on request.

6 calibrating square drive insert tools No 734K (sizes 4, 5, 12, 20, 40, 100), 6 square drive adaptors (No 409M, No 7787, No 7788, No 7789, No 7789-4, No 7789-5), 1 USB adaptor No 7757-1, 1 software Torkmaster 7731-1, 1 jack cable No 7751, 1 spiral cable No 7752, 1 cable No 7751-1 with jack plug and self-locking precision plug, 1 low-temperature cable connector, 1 hexagon key wrench No 10760CV size 2 mm are included.

The unit is supplied without the torque wrench, transducers or notebook.

Transducers laboratory No 7728 . 

Supplied without torque wrench and transducer.

technical data

  • code 96521093
  • EAN code 4018754214891
  • EClass 5.1 27201700
  • No 7543
  • for transducer 7728 (sizes 1-100)
  • Profile width mm 180
  • Weight kg 57
  • L mm 1060
  • h mm 328
  • b mm 640
  • Capacity N·m 1-400
  • for torque wrenches with functional length (LF) max. mm 815

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