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When things get hot, they keep cool.

VDE tools from STAHLWILLE.

The VDE range of products from STAHLWILLE – these tools allow you to work safely in »live« environments up to 1,000 volts – as accurately and efficiently as professional end users have come to expect of this brand. VDE-compliant tools by STAHLWILLE combine intelligent product design that is optimised to benefit users, high-grade materials, tight tolerances, outstanding ergonomics and long service lives with resilient, durable protective insulation. Each individual product – from open-jaw spanners and screwdrivers through to ratchets and torque wrenches – is certified to VDE standards by stringent test procedures and marked with the seal of approval for maximum safety.


Interchangeable ratchet insert tool – the only insulated torque wrench with a ratchet insert tool that users can exchange themselves (9 x 12 mm).

Rapid adjustment without having to dismantle – end-users can easily readjust the tool themselves – without having to send it in or have it retested.

QuickSelect – Proven QuickSelect setting of torque and an additional ring scale that allows fine adjustment.

QuickRelease – The ratchet insert tool can easily be switched from clockwise to anticlockwise use. The QuickRelease safety lock enables rapid tool changing but effectively protects against lost tools.

No need for manual reset to zero – wear-free triggering system with flexible rod. In contrast to conventional torque wrenches, it is not necessary to reset the wrench to zero after each job to unload the spring. In this way, users benefit from long-term accuracy and safe measurement results with less time required.


VDE pliers & cutters – these tools not only prevent flashover and dielectric breakdown up to 1000 volts, their excellent ergonomically refined handles reduce the effort required.

VDE sockets, VDE screwdriver bits, VDE adapters – these tools are covered with a resilient, twin-layer protective coating and offer extremely close tolerances and resilient materials.

VDE fine-tooth ratchets – the 80 teeth mean the ratchet angle is a tiny 4.5°, which allows the craftsman or craftswoman to apply exactly the right amount of force, even in confined spaces. They also provide optimum protection against live voltages in accordance with VDE standards.

VDE screwdrivers – extremely resilient to loads with effective protection against voltages up to 1000 volts. Handles with optimised ergonomics and tactile feedback that ensure ideal force transmission and strain-free working.

VDE single-ended open-jaw spanners & single-ended ring spanners – they not only provide protection against electric shocks, they also enable more efficient, safe working coupled with durability, because they use a double-T profile.

Comprehensive VDE toolkit in a case and compact VDE tool sets – the ideal storage solution for mobile work.