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Sockets, Socket sets STAHLWILLE

Provide guaranteed safety and efficiency.

STAHLWILLE sets of socket spanners and inserts

The professionals in industry and the trades are under pressure to work quickly, accurately and economically. Which is why they make heavy demands on their tools. Due to the numerous technical innovations incorporated in them, STAHLWILLE ratchets and sockets make a valuable contribution to the prevention of both mistakes and injuries.

By using ratchets, adaptors and inserts made by STAHLWILLE, professional technicians are quite simply “making sure”. It does not matter whether it is a full set of tools or individual components – users can be sure they will get top-of-the-range quality every time. This is guaranteed by adherence to the closest tolerances during production and stringently applied quality assurance measures in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. The legendary reliability and precision of these tools is enhanced by a large number of user-friendly features.

  • Non-slip, ergonomically manufactured 2-component handles facilitate strain-free working.
  • Slim-design sockets enable access to awkward places.
  • The QuickRelease system ensures full control over the joint between the ratchet, the adaptors and the sockets.
  • STAHLWILLE tool cases are particularly resilient thanks to the robust ABS plastic used. They are shaped for safe stacking and the integrated handles make transport easy. Convenient feature: on the inside of the cover is a list showing the contents of the case.
  • Sculpted chemical-resistant cut-outs in special PE foam inlays prevent tools rattling and sliding around.

Light, robust, stackable: STAHLWILLE plastic cases.

The inside of the cover shows the contents of the case.


 Ergonomically designed 2-component handle made of impact-resistant, skydrol resistant plastic.

All metal parts are made of high-grade steel (Chrome Alloy Steel, chrome plated).

 Firm seating and yet easy release of sockets and adaptors.


Wear parts can be easily replaced using sets of spares for sockets.

Ergonomic pawl to switch from clockwise to anti-clockwise.