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IMPACT sockets and bits STAHLWILLE

IMPACT Sockets, Machine actuated. 


  • Tried-and-tested components for professional use in conjunction with compressed air and electric power and impact screwdrivers. All the tools in the IMPACT product range have been designed for particularly heavy-duty work on a day-to-day basis. Used as additional tools in conjunction with power impact tools they feature extremely good load-bearing capacity and very long lifetimes. The name IMPACT is a by-word in all fields of industry and the trades for leadingedge quality made by professionals for professionals.
  • STAHLWILLE IMPACT sockets are extraordinarily tough. Their remarkable fitting accuracy, which is due to very tight tolerances, guarantees minimum loss of force as the impact is transferred from the impact screwdriver to the socket insert and also dramatically improved durability.
  • STAHLWILLE IMPACT sockets are made from high-grade Chrome Alloy Steel. They are hardened in an oil bath to ensure they are normalised and non-warping, making them extremely accurate tools with very close tolerances.
  • IMPACT quality is available individually or in sets Whatever else the professional might want in a tool, there is no compromising on the quality. The extensions, adaptors, joints and sockets will always fit – perfectly. Combine them as you need them. Slot them together. Done.
  • Joints
  1. Deep groove for O-ring to improve grip and
  2. straight-through central bore for locking pin.
  3. Bevelled edge facilitates attachment and ensures optimum contact with the wrench. No mechanical loading on the retainer pin.
  4. Recessed keyway adaptors with spring-loaded pins on the square drive, e.g. No 3116, 3216.

No 2309K e.g. 1/2'' wheel nut socket (sizes 17; 19 and 20.8 mm) with plastic sleeves, specially for sensitive alloy wheels.